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MOT forms National Task Force for Adventure Tourism

Here’s good news for all adventure and outdoor lovers in India. The Ministry of Tourism (MOT) took an outstanding step by appointing The National Task Force (NTF) for the development and promotions of Adventure Tourism in India. Here’s what’s being planned as the part of their upcoming project.

Let's Be Outdoorsy: MOT forms National Task Force for Adventure Tourism

National Task Force

We are glad to have heard about the new Adventure Tourism Task Force initiated by ATOAI (Adventure Tour Operators Association of India). Mr. Vinod Zutshi, the secretary of tourism shared that the main objective of this task force is taking care of the development and promotions of adventure tourism in India. Also solve issues related to the safety and security of tourists. The team will comprise of Joint Secretary Tourism as the convener, Joint Secretaries of MHA,  MEA, Ministry of Civil Aviation, MoEF, MOD, Ministry of Sports, Director- Indian Mountaineering Foundation, Principal- IISM, Gulmarg, Director – National Institute of Water Sports, Goa, President of ATOAI, Representative of ATOAI, secretaries of all states concerned with Adventure Tourism and Dy. Director General.

Mr. Akshay Kumar, President of ATOAI, shared his perspective saying, “India is not only a place with historical heritage but also outdoor activities to explore.”

This Task force will not only work to overcome the challenges but will also come up with new ideas for safety and security; so that India’s adventure tourism spreads across the globe. This stride of Ministry of Tourism will also result in increasing the economy of the country. This will also raise employment opportunities in rural areas and will result in their development too.

Let's Be Outdoorsy: MOT forms National Task Force for Adventure Tourism

The Great Indian Outdoors

What’s ironic is that India is one of the few nations with a variety of water, land and air outdoor activities to pursue. Be it outdoor adventure or leisure alternatives, our geography has a ton of options for you to check out. The east, west, south and north of India are abundant with dense forests, wildlife, rivers, mountains, valleys, gardens, beaches, food, culture, history, adventure activities, hill stations, temples and coastal roads. You will find eye-catching mountains where you can go for trekking, hiking, rock climbing, trail running, snow skiing and more outdoor activities.

Another irony I have noticed is that the average number of international visitors exploring our wilderness is higher than national visitors exploring India’s outdoors!

You can explore rivers through thrilling experiences of white water rafting or canyoning. India boasts of a list of wildlife sanctuaries and national parks too. The most popular ones are Kaziranga National Park, Jim Corbett National Park, Bandipur National Park, Bandhavgadh National Park, Kanha National Park and Gir Wildlife Sanctuary. These wildlife areas have a variety of species of animals, birds, trees, shrubs and flowers.

You can head to Goa and Pondicherry and more for surfing, Kamshet and Bir for paragliding or hot air ballooning, Manali for snow skiing and Andaman’s and Lakshadweep islands for underwater diving and there are many more places of outdoor activities.

Let's Be Outdoorsy: MOT forms National Task Force for Adventure Tourism

Important Functions of National Task Force

  • To consider issues relating to Adventure Tourism, Special “X” mountaineering Visa for climbing, Opening of small air-strips for Adventure Tourism, emergency evacuation purposes and opening of more peaks for expeditions etc.
  • To focus on the development of India’s natural geographical features and its natural heritage in order to promote adventure, soft adventure, luxury and leisure activities in such regions allowing for creation of sustainable and eco-friendly tourism concepts, assets and activities.
  • Development of training and certification programs through adventure sport institutions focusing on adventure tourism, safety and sustainability requirements of the industry.
  • To identify and promote activities in categories such as wildlife, Forests,Rivers, Mountains, Islands, Deserts and Coastlines’, Back Waters and Deltas.

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