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5 Human Friendly Workspace Ideas

If you are bored out of your wits with the same old work desk, we hear you. The same chair, the same space, black and white colours, files and clerical vibe can get to anyone as these are clearly not human friendly spaces to be in. How about working in Outdoors? Here’s a low down of how you can bring a twist to your regular work pattern.

Lets be outdoorsy ideas to work outdoors

Let’s Work In Outdoors

These ideas will help you not only be calmer but way more productive and creative. And if they fascinate you, or better yet if you are the boss of your company, do take a step ahead for building in building new outdoor working parameters.

Walk or Ride During Meetings – Meetings often take place in a cabin, conference rooms or boardrooms right? Instead why not go out in a garden or take the footpath and just walk while you chat with your clients or colleagues? head out for a bicycle ride or a run or a game while conversing or discussing, this will not only bring up a lively conversation but will also get a good workout in.

Head out for Lunch Or Brunch – Something more than walk and ride, simply getting off your ass and heading out for a healthy snack does the trick. Meet your new clients at a cafe or at an organic eating joint for some yummy food, where you can discuss new projects. You can also plan the first round of interviews in a cafe so that the pleasant ambiance keeps both interviewer and interviewee in good spirits, ensuring a good outcome.

New Office Designs – We are happy to see architects coming up with new designs for outdoor office spaces.  You can set up a meeting room in a green open space like this one. Instead of a typical office, you can come up with unique designs of tables and chairs given shapes of musical instruments or even like a coffee shop and garden using bright, variant colours. If space is an issue, you could simply bring tiny potted plants to your desk or at the window sill. These plants work as brilliant air purifiers and greens bring in a good vibe to the room.

Let's Be Outdoorsy: 5 Ways to take your work outdoor

Take Your Laptop Outdoors – If you can manage and head out, once or twice in a week just take your laptop and setup office on the grass. With easy access to portable data, you could head out just about anywhere with your mobile workstation. It could be in a neighborhood garden, at a homestay or literally anywhere in the outdoors.

Outdoor Office Trips – If not possible every month then at least once in three months plan an outdoor work trips. Along with your colleagues, head out to an outdoor festival, go for a wildlife safari or organise an outdoor activity workshop like urban farming, slacklining right there in your office campus. During these activities you can networking, try to get new clients and also get to work at new places. These activities will keep you fit too.

Celebration and Motivational Treats – Now companies have come up with R&R (Rewards and Recognitions) and monthly awards according to the performance of their workers. A small get-together can be planned in the office cafeteria and management can give treat to those who won and inspire others to put little more effort so as to achieve the positions. During these meets your people with come together, celebrate and set up new goals, plan and execute for the company’s success.

Let's Be Outdoorsy: 5 Ways to take your work outdoor

That’s the intel on the coolest outdoor work space ideas we have for you to implement in your company. Do let me know which one you are adopting in your daily working pattern to make your work interesting.

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