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Outdoor Survival Gear You Should Not Headout Without

Unpredictable – that’s a word that best describes an outdoorsy holiday. With all the festivals, adventure activities and summer holidays coming up, 2017 is already shaping up to be quite an outdoorsy year. There are a few staples tools you much carry to ensure a safe and enjoyable outdoorsy experience. This feature is designed to help you identify ten basic outdoor survival tools.

You in The Wilderness

Being in the outdoors sure is fun and full of memories. But the outdoors brings a liberal dose of unpredictable challenges along varied terrains. You will come across varied terrascapes including rainy grasslands, rolling hills, stark mountains, dense forests, rugged terrain, vast dessert, powder snow and more. To sail through most of these with little or no worry, it works to be prepared with a set of personal tools.


  1. Clothing – Have you packed an extra pair of clothes and socks? Carry a spare set as you might just get drenched in a sudden shower or a waterfall or have to wade through a chest high mud puddle! Also good to add layers to your clothing – add thermals or a waterproof jacket and gloves too; as it’s very important to keep yourself protected from the chilly breeze and sun.
  2. Let's Be Outdoorsy: Outdoor Survival GearPoncho/ Raincoat – If you already have a jacket but it is not waterproof, no worries at all, carry a light raincoat.
  3. Water Filtering Device – Drink at least three to four liters of water in order to stay hydrated and energetic. Since carrying so much of water is tough on long treks, get yourself a portable water filtering device or water purification tablets or straws. These devices are light weight and don’t occupy much space. They are ideal to use in purifying even the muddy water and converting it into pure, clean drinking water.
  4. Food – Don’t make fun of the next person carrying theplas on a trip. We guarantee you they come in handy as one of the best mid trek snacks. You can also carry dry fruits, dehydrated fruit packs, plain khakhra, cheeze cubes, peanut butter, dark chocolate, ready tea bags and milk powder.
  5. Survival Container/Mug –This container will help you in heating and storing food food, also in collecting and drinking water.
  6. Pocket Knife and Cutter Set – A very handy tool, pack a pocket knife in your backpack for sure. These knives will be helpful to cut fruits whereas you can use cutters to cut little twigs.
  7. Lighters – Carry a lighter to set a bonfire for cooking. In my local dialect, we call it a Shekoti. I remember relishing roasted potatoes as a kid after a long trek; I insist you must try these out the next time you go camping with your friends or cousins.
  8. Medical Kit – This is a no brainier. Carry a medical kit as you never know when you might catch a cold or could help a fellow traveller heal basic cuts or blisters.
  9. Torch – An essential tool as it will help you find your path in the dark and also a great tool as a signalling device in case your team splits up.
  10. Compass – To get lost and then find your way back again! Yes a gps works equally well too, but you never know when the GPS Gods decide to take a hike themselves; and get lost in the wilderness!  Let's Be Outdoorsy: Outdoor Survival Gear

With that list, you’re all set with a solid bag of survival tools to carry in the wilderness. So don’t think much, get some winds into your sails and head out to explore the great outdoors.

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