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Head for that Watering Hole

Did you know that sitting in an air-conditioned room causes dehydration? Isn’t that where most of us city folk spend our days? Pooja Dande shares ideas of all the fun ways in which you can remember to hydrate and head to your nearest watering hole.

We Are Water

Diipti Jhagiani, founder of Let’s Be Outdoorsy very often says, “Humans are liquid in motion.”  And rightly so, as 68 percent of the human body is made of water, that’s why you need to hydrate to keep your organs pink and happy. Think about it. You and I work for a minimum 8-10 hours a day but our body works 24 by 7. Even with our hectic work schedules, we somehow make time for three meals a day. But what about that drink? With 60 to 70 percent of our body made of water, it seems so obvious now why we feel lethargic when we forget to hydrate. It is like expecting a car to move without giving it fuel!

Lets Be Outdoorsy - Head For That Watering Hole

Nurse That Drink

I remember school science lessons; they taught us that water helps eliminate toxins and waste. From melting fat to reducing heat flashes and cramps, to maintaining super shiny skin, the number of benefits of drinking water – ah there’s a long list. A great way to ensure you are drinking water all day long is to nurse your drink. Keep sipping from a bottle or fill a glass every hour to reach that daily target of 2-3 litres.Oh and don’t make the mistake of guzzling down water at one go, just because you have forgotten to drink all day.

Add Water to Your Diet

My grandmother used to follow a simple habit. Every morning she would drink a glass of water kept overnight in a copper jug. How about you do the same? If you like whipping up water rich recipes, how about making a banana, coconut water or watermelon smoothie? Instead of coffee breaks at work, take a smoothie break over conversations with your friends. You like flavoured water? Try making your own. I add Tulsi leaves to plain water, and also make a recipe out of lemon and honey with lukewarm water. It is brilliant to start and end your day with a glass of lukewarm water. You can build a habit of carrying your own water bottle, instead of buying packaged drinking water.

Lets Be OutdoorSy - Head For That Watering Hole

At my work desk, Besides my laptop stays my sweet little purple water bottle and it actually talks to me reminding me, “Hey Pooja, don’t forget to get a dose of H2O!”. Go on, grab your bottle too, Drink Drink Drink.

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