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Let Your Kids Be Outdoorsy

I wish I could rewind my childhood days full of fun and fights with friends, festival celebrations, monsoons, bells and Tiffin. With sunny mornings and mud stained evenings, we kids had quite a routine going. Kids today have quite a hectic schedule too, but with a marked difference. Pooja Dande spots the difference.

Where Do Kids Play Today?

I remember once my grandmother talking to my mom said, “bachhon ko mitti mein khelna chahiye, achhi sehat ke liye jaroori hota hai” which means kids should play in mud it is good for health. Instead, now-a-days kids are found enjoying in play areas of shopping malls or playing games on play stations and cellular phones. Staring into screens all day, seated for long hours, that’s where kids spend most of their time playing.

As my grandmother rightly says, they should run, cycle like we did a few years ago. When you and I were kids, we used to enjoy playing games on the playground with friends. It is odd to see children avoid going out, getting dirty and play outdoor games. Being in the outdoors, running around, exploring not only keeps children fit and healthy but will also keep them close to nature.

Kids with mobile phone
Tech Troubles

Technology is the need of the hour and the reason for development. But when it comes to kids, many a times I feel it makes them lazy. My cousins sit at one place for long hours with mobile phones, computer games or play stations; thereby affecting their health. We don’t see it, but this is gradually hampering their immune system; low immunity means an open invitation to several health issues.

Lets Be Outdoorsy Kid on a bridge

Outdoorsy Holidays

Short trips with children every year is a great way to keep them happy and build their curiosity to see a new place each time. Heritage walks, forest & wildlife sanctuary visits, and camp stays are lovely ways to introduce kids to the outdoors. And while you explore a new place with them, invariably you will be running around, going on cycling trails or swimming in lagoons. Before you realise it, this will be a holiday that will help build their stamina and self-confidence; giving them the strength to be happy and fit.

Start  Now

Get to your nearest park, slip of your shoes and run around in the grass. How about a game of hide and seek or catch and cook. This has to be the easiest way to begin being outdoorsy with your kids. Even if they don’t want to be extremely active in the beginning, you could simply lie down on the grass and read a book. As a family, you can begin with going for a walk together. And gradually, once the kids are ready, you also motivate them to participate in running events like junior marathons.

My weekend plan is to go for a nature trail around Sanjay Gandhi National Park with my niece and young cousins. What’s are your plan of the weekend?

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