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Ami’s Journey Part 3 – I Am The Change

According to guidelines I learnt, Fitness has 5 components – development of muscular strength, muscular endurance, cardiovascular endurance, flexibility and body composition. My training methods accordingly changed. Everything that I had taught myself, what I had learnt over the years from my own body’s reaction to different training and my knowledge of fitness transitioned to a whole new level. My interactions with professionals from the fitness industry further added to my knowledge and views on health and the right way to get fit.

“I witnessed how the Indian fitness industry grew and transformed into a serious platform for improving health. I was the change.”

Breaking Away, Finding My Way
Body awareness for me became the most important foundation. And with that so did components of posture, mobility (where ever needed) and flexibility. I started learning to perform traditional lifts with strict form, where biomechanics allow, such as the squat, deadlift, bench press, pull/row and military press, which are an integral part of any strength program. But knowing my limitations and imbalances, I gradually and slowly figured out ways to improve my Movement & more importantly the Mind Muscle Connection!

In 2015, what came to me with this change were balance, agility and focus. My focus shifted from aesthetic based workouts to performance based training. I weaned away from equipment and taught myself to use my bodyweight & free weights and combine these movements. I changed my mantra of Fitness – That of being fit OVERALL!

AMI’S JOURNEYFrom Training Myself to Now Training Others

Fitness for me is not just limited to the 5 components of the body’s anatomy. It is the perfect combination of being Healthy, Energetic and Pain Free!
My regular workouts and client interactions allowed me to venture into training & coaching. With the necessary credentials, I transitioned from a Gym Manager, to a part time trainer. Next came an extensive course of study in Pilates. With Pilates I now am learning the process of complete coordination of body & core integration.

“I most certainly believe if you enjoy your training then it becomes easy to maintain, otherwise it is difficult to sustain. If you don’t enjoy what you do, what’s the point in doing it?”
I have stopped obsessing over how I looked and have started focusing on how I feel! Training for me is about enjoying my daily life and having the same energy levels throughout the day. So I encourage everyone to finding something you love doing. You need not go to the extremes, not everyone needs to be an athlete. But whatever training route you choose, be mindful of it and enjoy every bit of it.

I teach what I feel works best at that time and for you. My passion for discovering new and improved methods of fitness is a lifelong study and I make sure to add a spark to all my training regimes.

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Fitness is not a function of weight loss or gain, it is a lifestyle change. Just like you and I have our set of fears, Ami had them too. But she kept coming back to fitness, that’s all that we need to do. Through this three part series, Ami Bhatia talks about how she lives a fit lifestyle.

Ami Bhatia is a personal trainer. She gauges your specific fitness levels and helps you reach your fitness goals. In her free time she practices Kathak.

She believes that a better-looking body is only a result of a better feeling you! Connect with Ami on her blog speaks more about Athletics + Aesthetics

Ami Bhatia

Ami Bhatia is a certified personal trainer & coach. She believes that a better-looking body is only a result of a better feeling you. She does not believe in extreme workouts or fads. For her its all about common sense fitness. To get in touch, write to her at [email protected]

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