Tamilnadu Marathon – Let's Be Outdoorsy

Tamilnadu Marathon

Tamilnadu Marathon

Date(s) - 05/02
5:00 am

Chennai, TN


Many of us are looking for ways and means to stay fit and healthy. Today we have various mental, physical and health challenges caused by technology addictions. This marathon we make a promise to change the way we live our everyday life.

Encourage TAMILNADU to WAKE UP and make the FIRST STEP towards goodness & wellness.

TN Marathon is an initiative by TamilNadu Athletic Association to promote good health & wellness across the state & provide an opportunity for beginners and seasoned runners come together to celebrate running.
The funds raised through the registration will utilized by the TamilNadu Athletic Association to support and nurture various athletes and their needs in the State.
To play a small part in building & maintaining the athletic infrastructures in various parts of the State now & in the coming years
To fulfill scholarship programme and training needs to the talented athletes.

Registration Link: http://tamilnadumarathon.com/

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