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Ruggedian Kolhapur Run

Ruggedian Kolhapur Run

Date(s) - 19/02
5:00 am

Kolhapur, Maharashtra


The first annual Kolhapur RUN marthon event was a booming success. It was an incredible honour hosting over 2500+ participants from all over the country. Our 350+ Volunteer teams made it possible for us to co-ordinate this monumentous event. We gave our best when it came to the entertainment arrangements, with the live DJs, Professional Dance Troupes, Lezim performers, Nashik Dhol, Bharat Natyam performers, Zumba Dancers, but the huge waves of participants and spectators reaching a total number of over 4500+, really were the stars of the show! The race started at 6AM sharp and the hyped up crowds of young and old, boys and girls, men and women shot off into the breaking dawn. The route was scenic with greenery all around, wide and clean roads. The runners started in CSIBER College Cross and made their way through the scenic scapes of the city. There were huge crowds to cheer the runners all around the route. The abundance of hydration stations and emergency services made sure there weren’t any critical incedences. There were plenty of performers all around the route to keep the runners excited and raring till the finish line. A warm and excited crowd awaited the runners at the finish line, where the finishers were bestowed with custom-made Kolhapur RUN medals and handed their finisher certificates. The post-race party made it a wonderful Sunday morning for the spectators as well! Be sure to check out the gallery before you leave! All in all, it was a monumentally huge event for the city of Kolhapur, which witnessed a sports event of this scale for the first time in its history. For the participants, spectators, and even us, the organizers, it was an experience to cherish for our entire lifetimes. Thank you all for making this possible!

2017 edition : Categories

Category Name Distance
21 K 21 kms
10 K 10 kms
5 K 5 kms

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