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Nio Vision Marathon

Nio Vision Marathon

Date(s) - 06/11
7:00 am



A run to spread awareness about preventive blindness, which could be either treated or prevented by known, cost-effective means. National Institute of Opthalmology (NIO) is a multi-specialty eye hospital in Pune committed to delivering high quality eye care.

Categories :

  • 3km Run – 3 k – 7 am
  • 5km Run – 5K – 7 am
  • 10km Run – 10K – 6 am
  • Half Marathon – 21.1K – 6 am
  • Blind Folded Buddy Run/Walk – 2 People run/walk together with one person is blind folded all the way to return point, there you exchange the blindfold and both of you run back with the other second partner blind folded this time. – 7:15 am
  • Visually impaired runner Support runner – Running distance is determined by your partner. You get the satisfaction and if the program schedule permits we would like to invite you and your partner on stage at 8:15 AM to salute your accomplishment – 7:15 am


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