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International Permaculture Conference & Convention

International Permaculture Conference & Convention

Date(s) - 25/11 - 02/12
All Day

Aranya Agricultural Alternatives-Hyderabad


Aranya Agricultural Alternatives is very humbled to be chosen to host the 13th International Permaculture Conference & Convergence in Hyderabad, India in November 2017.
This event will guide and inspire more than 1200 participants from 100 countries and also give a significant impetus to the permaculture movement in India and around the world. Individuals, farmers, policy makers, researchers, academia sharing a strong interest in sustainable farming practices like permaculture, natural and ecological farming as well as in other kind of initiatives contributing to sustainable livelihood will come together to think, share, innovate, learn, and dialogue in a diverse and engaging programme.


This joyous and fruitful event is split into two parts:

Conference: November 25 – 26, 2017 @ Hyderabad, Telangana
The conference is open to all and will be packed with presentations, workshops, panel discussions and a lot of cultural exchange between people from all over the world with various backgrounds in permaculture and other sustainable living schools of thought.

Convergence: November 27 – December 2, 2017 @ Medak District, Telangana
The convergence represents a chance for candidates who have completed the Permaculture Designers Certificate Course and permaculture/sustainable living enthusiasts to connect deeply with each other and the theme of the event. The Convergence is a five day residential, experiential learning forum where the programme emerges from the contributions of participants. Networking, knowledge sharing, hands-on practices and celebrations will be at the heart of this event.

Be part of us and grab this unique opportunity to meet and connect with people passionate about permaculture and sustainable living in general. The IPC offers you a rare experience to gain access to the whole philosophy of permaculture, acquire new technical skills from experienced and renowned practitioners, showcase your work, learn and revive ancient Indian agricultural practices and bolster a positive global movement already underway.

The main theme of the event is “Towards Healthy Societies”. This is supported by 6 strands of activity:
• Permaculture as a social responsibility
• Grassroots permaculture in action
• Women as agents of change
• Revitalizing and preserving traditional farming practices
• Sustainable water resource management
• Permaculture & climate change adaptations

Change is happening! Will you be part of it?

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