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Celebrate Holi With Colours In Nature

Celebrate Holi With Colours In Nature

Date(s) - 24/03
6:30 am - 11:00 am

Sanjay Gandhi National Park


Holi with NatureAsk an artist, or a doctor, they will tell you that colours enrich our lives in a myriad ways and have the ability to affect our moods, health and actions.
Colours are part and parcel of nature’s scheme of things.
Brilliantly coloured sunrises and sunsets to beautiful landscapes and colour patterns that are used by plants and animals to hunt, hide, communicate or win mates are the most visible of nature’s amazing palette. The unique blues of the sky, the blue-greens of the oceans, and the reds and oranges of sunsets may seem purposeless, but down the ages, all life forms have evolved to survive in a canvas of such colours.
On this Holi morning, join us at SGNP as we get together to explore colours in nature, understand the purpose and importantly celebrate this highly appealing sensory experience.

06.30 AM assemble at the main gate
07.00 AM Nature Trail to look at Nature’s Colour Pallette.
09.45 AM Breakfast / Tea Coffee at NIC
10.10 AM Slide Show on Colours in Nature.

Charges: 550 Rs.

Max. Participants: 25

For booking call: 022-28868686 and speak to Ms. Poonam Katkar.

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