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Malabar Kayak Festival is Back!

In its second year running, in association with Kerala TourismWildcraft India and Madras Fun Tools the Malabar Kayak Festival, takes place from the 23rd-26th July in Kozhikode (Calicut), Kerala. With a host of national and international Kayaking athletes competing for the prize money, the festival has firmly put India on the world map as one of the best destinations for white water kayaking.

Unlike rafting, which is a 4-8 man raft sport, kayaking is an individual sport where an athlete develops a combination of mental agility, upper body and core strength and learns to take quick, instinctive decisions while on the unpredictable course of the river. If you enjoy water sports, kayaking is a great way to build strength and stamina and is sure to get your endorphins pumping and give you a happy high.

Malabar Kayak Festival 2015Spear headed by passionate, industry professionals like Manik Taneja, founder of Good Waves Adventure School of Kayaking in South India, the Malabar Kayak Festival is a great boost for propagating kayaking as a sport in India.

Earlier perceived as a leisure sport mainly in the regions of Rishikesh and Meghalaya in North India, the festival is a showcase of the amazing rivers hidden along the Western Ghats and in South India that are perfect for the sport during the monsoons in India.

The monsoon fed rivers Chilapuzha and Iruvanjhipuzha that originate from the hills of Wyanad will be the designated rivers for the festival. Competitors will chart a course through the gorgeous white waters of the raging rivers over a course of approximately 10 kms.

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