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Yoga in the Outdoors

Tanvi Mehra is an entrepreneur, dancer and yoga teacher. Her passion for Yoga in the outdoors has to be seen to be believed. Here’s a window to her world, through her words.

I turnTanvi Mehraed to yoga for two reasons: One because of my Mom who has been practising for years and two because I wanted it to aid my dance skills.

Today I remain loyal to yoga for more reasons than several words strung together can express.

 I tried my hand at several careers and finally chose one that would allow me to spend my days doing what I feel most passionate about.
I launched Tangerine Arts Studio in March, 2014. I teach yoga here under the name of Yoga Station.
Managing and teaching at my studio in Bandra takes all my time, but I have to admit my driving force is to be able to have the luxury of taking off now and then to a distant land or to my farmhouse just so I can stock up on my dosage of green and quiet.
Tanvi Mehra Yoga Station
On one such getaway I started to practise yoga outdoors with a beautiful valley as my view and it happened to be one of the most exhilarating memories to date, leading to regular outdoor yoga sessions on each of my trips. !
This also gave birth to Yoga Station travel diaries, a fun log of yoga asanas captured against stunning backdrops from Croatia to Bali, Havelock to Germany and more. It is a celebration of the beauty of yoga and an invitation to the world to join in by way of sending us their images wherever they go. Above all its a fun initiative to get people to try their hand out at what I believe is the solution to all problems and the only way forward to live life to its maximum potential.
“Practising yoga outdoors is the equivalent of prozac but with no side effects. Try it!”
I take my Yoga Station along with me on all my travels. Here are some snippets and memories from my Travel Diaries.

Tanvi Mehra in Croatia This was on the first day of my trip to Croatia in 2014. At the view point at Dubrovnik I was blown away by the beauty of this historical town. At each new place I have to try out a yoga pose or two and decided to do the Adho Mukha Vrksana also known as the hand stand or tree pose. I now remember I had someone literally pull my legs up to be able to touch the pole; because if I missed touching it there was a massive drop to the bottom awaiting me! This is one of my favourite pictures as part of my Yoga Station Travel Diaries.

Tanvi Mehra at SulaI celebrated my birthday at Nasik and went to the lake by the Sula Vineyards mid last year. It was a perfect cloudy day. They have some gorgeous expanses of plains surrounding the property and it was such a thrill to be in the midst of the greenery, the outdoors. I think this pose was just an expression of the pure joy the joy I felt to be surrounded by nature and my loved ones on my special day!

Tanvi Mehra at her farmSirsasana – also called the head stand is a known as the king of asanas because of its many benefits in improving memory and blood circulation. The body is completely inverted while supported on the crown of the head and the fore arms.  While I am at my farm in the outskirts of Bombay I always try experimenting with new poses and variations on the grass, as it provides me a natural, soft landing if I fall. On one such weekend while I was practicing my head stands the little pups came rushing out of nowhere to come and lick my face! Right in the middle of a head stand! It was the most adorable distraction and I am so grateful it could be captured on camera.

Tanvi’s style of Yoga is a graceful mix of Ashtanga, Shivananda, Pilates, Ballet and more. She focuses more on the right posture and building strength. She conducts Yoga Retreats in the outdoors regularly for her students. To get in touch with her you can write to her at [email protected]

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    Thank you, love how you have captured my love for yoga outdoors and my travel adventures.


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