Fatty from A City – Let's Be Outdoorsy

Fatty from A City

“Being Outdoorsy? That’s something you do on holidays; isn’t it? Ah yes, I went for a drive to Lonavala during the monsoons last year.”

If that’s what you think Being Outdoorsy is, either you are a couch potato techie or a fatty from a city.

Hey, I am not judging here but a drive to Lonavala – seriously!

Walking along a forest trail, swimming across a calm lake, balancing a board on gorgeous surfs or simply pursuing your passion for cycling every day – now that is being outdoorsy.

“Being in the great outdoors is not just something you do on a holiday or a company site visit. It is not an activity you take up just as part of a company team building exercise.”

Being outdoors is an integral part of who you are – you were made for the outdoors.

You were not made to sit and stare at bright screens all day. (Think about it; that is pretty much what we do for most of the day) You were made to walk, to run, to explore. Your body is agile and flexible; your skin is sensitive to the senses. When was the last time you used, experienced, felt any of this? Hell, we use our smart phones more than we use our own bodies!

For the longest time, Diipti Jhangiani, the founder of Let’s Be Outdoorsy noticed people around her. Friends, family spending most of their waking hours indoors – living sedentary lifestyles with little or no access to fresh air, little or no activity. Think about it. You wake up in the morning in your flat (in your building), you get ready and leave for work (to another building) after which you head to your gym (one more building) or a pub (another one) – that’s days, months and years spent going from one building to the next; barely touching the outdoors.

That’s why – Let’s Be Outdoorsy. On this platform we invite everyone to be outdoorsy; to inspire more people to frequent the outdoors. Pick up an activity in the outdoors. God knows there is a lot to do. You can take up running and explore the forest trails of the Sahayadris or pick up a mask and snorkel across the corals of the Sindhudurg.

Be it mountaineering, scuba diving, running or cycling, Let’s Be outdoorsy is a platform that inspires you can pick up a sport or an activity. Try it out and see what you like best. And then pursue it, become a champ at it and become an ambassador of that sport.”

You see examples of Kenyan runners, Scandinavian swimmers, British cyclists, French climbers, Australian surfers and feel the awe of their outdoorsy physique and spirit. Wondering what’s stopping you? Here in India you are sitting in the midst of green mountains, snow landscapes, the sea, calm lakes, raging rivers, gorgeous surfs – think of an activity or a sport in the outdoors and you have access to pursue it here. Access to good facilities – yes, that’s coming along soon too. We will share here with you the best and latest companies, gear, products and services that will take you one step closer to being an outdoorsy regular.

And what’s best is, by pursuing that activity you like in the outdoors you will get a hot body of a surfer or those sexy cyclist’s calves and it will be so much better than that stuffy workout in a gym!

Here’s what you can do to get started:

  • You are pursuing an activity be it surfing, long boarding and want to tell the world about it? Tell us here.
  • Know of an activity you want to pursue but don’t know how? Reach out to us and we will connect you with the facilities.
  • Are you an expert in a field and want to share your insights on the right technique eg. to master swimming or ice craft while climbing a frozen waterfall? Reach out to us here and we will showcase your insights.

Write in at [email protected]

Did you know that the simple act of taking a few steps on fresh grass is a super stress buster?

Now you know, go do it.