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Run The Rann

Run The Rann

Date(s) - 10/02
12:00 am



Set against the silver-white landscape of India’s biggest salt desert, the fourth edition of Run The Rann will be a race for the strongest. A place which was once home to one of the grandest and most advanced cities in the Indus Valley Civilization has only nothingness to offer till infinity.Over 100 adventure enthusiasts will participate in three different races (161 kms, 101 kms and 51 kms) and embark on India’s hardest trail running desert race. Cracked desert land, vast salt marshes, and unforgiving cacti along with a few slithery surprises like wet mud, black cobras and giant monitor lizard will be offered to the runners. This will be a quick journey in paradise (or hell?) they will never forget.In 3 days, the runners will circle the ancient ruins of Dholavira, one of the largest, grandest, most advanced metropolises of the 5000-year old Indus Valley Civilization. They will explore the island and its remotest corners, fight the temptation to quit and meet with every surprise the Khadir Bet Island has to offer. From friendly and huge gypsy buffaloes, happy to come sniff your sweat, to the high peaks we have decided you will climb several times to oversee the gigantic northern white desert.

Run The Rann is not your average trail running race. It’s more of an adventure that will take you deep into what Incredible India has to offer. Be prepared. Only the strong will Brave The Desert.

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