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Movie Under The Stars

Movie Under The Stars

Date(s) - 22/12
12:00 am



This event has been a dream! LBO brings to you Movie Under The Stars – an evening of outdoorsy short films that will take you to the edge of your seat with action packed camera moves and groves right here in Mumbai city! Lie down on the grass, get your yoga mats or sleeping bags and enjoy these epic movies under the stars in the city of dreams.

If you love being and spending time outdoors, this event will turn out to be a beautiful add-on for your upcoming vacation. Have you ever tried surfing on the waves? Surfing is one of most popular outdoor sports. It’s a water sport in which the surfer rides on the forward or deep face of the moving wave using a surf board. Imagine a fast-moving wave heading towards the shore and you on the surf board enjoying the water splashing and the wave carrying you to the shore. You must have enjoyed a boat ride or a paddling boat, but surfing will give you quite a different high. Once you go out on the waters for surfing, you won’t be able to stop yourself from surfing again. This event will showcase an extraordinary short film on surfing, which will make you fall in love with this water sport.

This is a chance for you to transform your ordinary week night into an awesome outdoorsy night. Let’s come together for this unique movie under the stars, it will not only relax you but will also give you a new vision of how to enjoy being outdoors. Join us with your family and friends for this brand new outdoor movie screening. I hope you reserve your place as early as possible so you don’t miss it and don’t be late. See you soon!

Date: TBA

Venue: TBA

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