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India Surf Festival

India Surf Festival

Date(s) - 12/11 - 14/11
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Let's Be Outdoorsy India Surf Festival

India Surf Festival hosts the fifth edition of the festival in November 2016. The festival’s theme this year is ‘Earth positive and carbon negative’. We have committed to reducing our carbon footprint as much as possible. The three areas in which we feel we can make the greatest changes have been identified; these areas are plastic, water and energy. ISF plans to lead by example, educating festival-goers and making carbon reduction and energy conservation as an integral part of the festival.

What is Carbon footprint? – the amount of carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere as a result of the activities of a particular individual, organisation or community.

Our Carbon offset plans:

-Water refilling kiosks will be available in each zone of the campus.Reusable water bottles will be distributed and available for visitors.
-Edible cutlery and organic utensils will be introduced at food & beverage corners.
-We’ll be using Solar as well as pedal power around our campus.
-Additional plans to offset the carbon footprint of the festival include a beach clean and a tree planting project led by volunteers.
-Artists will be using garbage collected from the beach to make art installations .

Liz Phillips is the Carbon offset ambassador of ISF this year and she has extensive experience of attending festivals and thought it was about time she did something useful at one of them.She first heard about ISF in December 2014 when she ended up at surfing yogis campus at puri and is thrilled to be asked to volunteer at this year’s festival.Liz runs her own work inspecting trees and has keen interest in the environment,the outdoors and surfing.She is excited to combine these interest at ISF2016.

Liz along with Sanjay will be leading the model of carbon footprint in the event this year.

Join your hands with us and write to us if you’ve any creative solution to [email protected]

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