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Hyderabad Triathlon

Hyderabad Triathlon

Date(s) - 23/10
5:30 am



Hyderabad Triathlon is a sporting event conducted in the glory of the sport. Its a test of your strength, stamina & endurance and pushing your limits, while you revel in the satisfaction of finishing the triathlon.

Triathlon Details :

Sprint Triathlon –  Cycling 20K, Running 5K, 750mts Swimming – 5:30AM
Novice Triathlon –  Cycling 8K, Running 2K, 300 mts Swimming  – 5:30AM
Olympic Triathlon  – Cycling 40K, Running 10K, 1#5K Swimming –  5:30AM
Sprint Duathlon –  Running 5K, Cycling 20K, Running 3K  – 5:30AM
Novice Duathlon –  Cycling 8K, Running 2K –  5:30AM
Power Duathlon – Running Half Marathon, Cycling 90K, Running 10K – 5:30AM
Olympic Duathlon – Running 10K, Cycling 40K, Running 5K –  5:30AM
1/2 Iron 1#9K  – Swimming, Cycling 90K, Running Half Marathon –  5:30AM

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