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Celebrating Love, The Outdoorsy Way

Love is in the air, isn’t it? We felt the warm vibes too while we chatted with some of our favourite outdoorsy couples. Being outdoorsy is their way of life and it is amazing to see how nature has helped them spiritually bond with each other even better.  Read on to meet four such couples who celebrate love, the outdoorsy way.

Deepa and her husband Pradeep Katrodia have been prepping for triathlons together for quite a few years. In fact, Deepa shares that Pradeep is the one who constantly motivates her to participate in outdoor events across the world. Apart from owning a chemical business, Pradeep is also a Ironman certified triathlete coach, whereas Deepa is a Reebok fitness instructor. Their morning walks transitioned to running and in no time they had already registered for their first half marathon. This power-pack couple has been participating in triathlons and cycling events ever since.

“Being outdoors together has done so much good for us that it is difficult to think of a situation where we are not going out. When you are outdoors, there are so many things happening, you have to have good communication with each other. Also, it’s not that all the time it will be okay or things will be alright. There were many times when things don’t turn out as we wanted, there could be setbacks, so you have to be with each other in many better ways.” says Pradeep

Deepa added, “Also, it helps keep us humble. When in our own routine, we take things for granted, we don’t look beyond our own self. But when you are in the outdoors, you realize how the basic things are all that we need and we should care for.”

Being outdoors also helps them get refreshed and cope with day-to-day chores with new found vigour, which helps them connect with each other and bond better. Isn’t it fascinating how people find their way of life and even love with the simplest form of being outdoorsy?

Nrupal and Sabita Choudhari found each other in Ladakh in 2007. They are married now, or should we say “long distance married!” Yes you read that right. Nrupal resides in Mumbai while Sabita is in Banglore. These lovers set out for an adventure together whenever they get time.

Nrupal said, “The outdoors bring out the best in us and also the place where we can totally be ourselves. We enjoy the conversations as well as the silence.”

We totally agree, sometimes the silence connects you the way words can’t. They even add what they love about their journeys together. Sabita said, “Discovering a new place through long walks – be it busy cities like Sydney or Shanghai, or small Himalayan villages like Sojha or Sonapani and exploring food options.”

Nrupal adds, “Connecting with nature is our kind of outdoorsy. It does not have to always be trekking in the great outdoors, but also exploring public parks, tree-lined avenues and canopied lanes.”

So you see, outdoors is not just about being adventurous; it can even simply be strolling along a forest path with your special someone.

Kavita and Hemant Khosla bring the outdoors to to their neighbourhood, literally! In the urban communities we live in, life tends to get grey but the communities we live in help us thrive and keep the love strong.  And when you take that love and make something beautiful, something green out of it – that’s what we call the magic of the outdoors. Kavita and her spouse Hemant have been practicing community farming together in Mumbai city for years now. Converting grey landscapes into food forests together is what they enjoy the most in their outdoorsy way of life.

“At the Urban Leaves community farm, I take care of all the details of what is to be planted; including the aesthetics and the layout. Hemant goes with the flow and sees to it that everyone understands what is to be done and asks the volunteers to do the needful. We do have our share of differences but that’s what makes our relationship more stronger.”

There’s an invisible bond between two loving people, we seldom think about what makes it stronger. What makes us stick around with the people we love?

We asked Rekha Shetty and Sushant Yattam, who have been going on adventures together since their twenties. “When you are in the outdoors with the minimal luxuries of life, you start adjusting and accommodating. And this is very important for everyday life too, where you need to understand that we need to be content and happy in whatever situation we might be in. You get to know each other’s vulnerabilities and weaknesses too.”

True, isn’t it? Maybe it’s your weaknesses that actually make us strong.

They even add that, “Our kind of outdoorsy is being as close to nature as possible. Right from trekking to camping to forest to beaches, we like everything.”

Sushant heads marketing and content at a media company and Rekha works as a freelance content strategist, brand consultant, social venture expert and has won few accolades in this space. They both love exploring outdoors and adventure and have been on many treks and bike rides together.

Love comes in all forms. It doens’t have to be the romantic kind, soulmates after all come in all shapes and forms. Who knows you might find a friend out there or maybe you will fall in love with your Mom again while y’all walk on the beach and indulge in deep conversations too. These were some of the endearing love stories we got our hands own. Step out, maybe yours is waiting somewhere in the outdoors!

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