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Six Outdoorsy Diwali Ideas

Instead of escaping to exotic locations, how about celebrating the festive season this time the outdoorsy way? Team LBO is celebrating Diwali right here in the city being totally outdoorsy. Here’s a low down on six fun and simple ways in which you can enjoy Diwali the outdoorsy way.

Have you ever noticed how all our festivities are about celebrating in the outdoors? There are so many elements of the outdoors intertwined with all our festivals especially Diwali.

Traditionally, this festival of lights was celebrated the natural way, but as times changed, its possible we have missed out the connect with nature and the outdoors during our festivities.

But, yet there are elements that still make Diwali, the perfect outdoorsy festival.

Festival Of Lights

Lighting up lights in Diwali is all about welcoming hope into our lives, similarly, the biggest source of light and energy is the Sun that lights up our days. So, how about this Diwali, lighting up our home and lives by welcoming the first ray of the Sun on Diwali?

Get up early, open up your arms and give a big, nice, warm hug to the mighty Sun.

Classic Mud Diyas

There are the traditional form of lamps that were used during Diwali. They are made from the most important element of the outdoors – soil. Signifying life as we know it, being the container for all the hope (light) that we want to bring into our lives. Along with being eco-friendly, they are plastic and chemical-free and look so beautiful when lit. Even though times have changed and chocolates have replaced mithais, traditional diyas are still so much in demand. A diya is a quentisential symbol of an outdoorsy Diwali, a potter’s hand-moulded work of art illuminating your home, what more can one ask for?

Go for Green Gifts

Traditional mithai, handmade decorations and colourful handicrafts are our favourites. This Diwali, you could go the classic way by upcycling your old sarees and make gift bags out of them. Gift your sweets in traditional leaf packaging too. We absolutely love the little herb or succulent plants we’ve received as Diwali this season! You could also consider gifting indoor and outdoor plants to your loved ones. It does make for a unique gift for the outdoors.

Natural Rangoli Ideas

There are various theories associated with Rangolis, some theories talk about it is a way of sharing food with other living creatures like birds and insects and some talk about it being a way of welcoming the good. Whatever might be the real reason, we love the fact that it’s all about using natural elements and is done in the outdoors. Flowers make for a great Rangoli, also called as Kolams in South. Another element used in making Rangolis is the use of food items like turmeric, rice powder and paste. You can also make a Rangoli using different colour seeds, it is a traditional farming practice and a sign of prosperity – displaying the most vital part of our food system. This is a perfect example of how natural things can be so beautifully used for celebrations and they are eco-friendly too.

pratham gupta lets be outdoorsy diwali ideas

The Outdoor Celebration

Diwali is one time when nobody is glued to their gadgets or Netflix, everybody is out celebrating, lighting diyas, making beautiful rangolis or simply just spending some time with family and friends. It’s all about the community and coming together as a group instead of being isolated. So this season, choose to invite your family and friends over for an outdoorsy dinner and games, from kids to seniors all celebrating the festivities together.

Diwali ki Safai 

The festivities cannot begin without the mandatory Diwali ki safai – Cleaning up homes and work spaces. All the junk you stored in your closet, all the mess around building compounds suddenly clears up and everything looks spic and span around . Everybody comes together as a team with only one mission – having a clean and tidy house. Let’s take this tradition outside our home this season to the outdoors and organise clean-up drives clean the area around our neighbourhood. Wouldn’t it be interesting?

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