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5 Great Monsoon Trails to Explore in Maharashtra

If there is one season in which you should be out and about, exploring the outdoors, this is it! The monsoons are here and we have the perfect getaway list for you. Pack your bags and head out to these monsoon destinations around Mumbai.


“Camping at Bhandardara is the best weekend getaway. Waking up to the sight of Kalsubai peak and  the sound of the flowing river is bliss.” – Himanshu Manwani, 20 years.

If camping under the stars with fireflies illuminating your night is your ideal weekend plan, then Bhandardara is the place to be. It is a small village near Igatpuri around 185 kms from Mumbai. After you spend the day exploring all its sights and sounds, treat your taste buds with their local delicacies, especially their google bhaji which was my absolute favourite and a total yum tum!  Carry your blankets for a cosy night under the moonshine (I remember being a caterpillar in my tent despite carrying one).  I woke up to a perfect view of the river and mountains hidden in the clouds and quietly sat on a rock enjoying the sight. The experience was truly mesmerizing. Take your gang along for a weekend getaway or take your special someone for a romantic night and this place won’t disappoint you.

Tip : Bribe a friend who can strum some beautiful tunes on a guitar to come along with you!


“Monsoon isn’t complete for me if I don’t head to Lonavla and get all drenched in the waters of Bushy dam and then follow that up with a piping hot bowl of Maggi.” – Shreya Tejani, 21 years.

Lonavla is the quickest place to get away from Mumbai. It is a hill station which is 120 kms from Mumbai. In just under two hours, you can head out there and back during the weekend. It is a great getaway during all seasons, but the monsoons make it an amazing experience. Getting soaked in the bushy dam water on those stairs and having a bowl of hot masala corn is indeed bliss. Imagine looking at the view from Tiger point as the breeze caresses your hair; all this while you are savouring a plate full of cheese pakoda with some garam chai. You know you’ve reached lonavla, when you spot a Maganlal chikki shop at every second step. Go ahead and indulge your sweet tooth try out some chocolate fudge too. Dont forget to take a couple of these as souvenirs for your friends and family.

Tip : Don’t miss the best chocolate fudge from Cooper’s. Address: (Opposite Railway Station, Jaichand Chowk, Lonavala, Maharashtra 410041). Please check the timings before you go.

Malshej Ghat

“I was literally a part of the clouds at the Malshej Ghat; that’s my most favourite memory of my monsoon experience.” – Ifat Khan, 17 years.

Want to be lost in the clouds? Then Malshej Ghat is where you should go. It is where your childhood dreams come true; of being a part of the clouds and flying with them. It falls under the Pune district, around 154 kms from Mumbai and has amazing waterfalls covered in fog.  While you are driving to Malshej, remember to savour the sight of those tiny waterfalls that you will encounter enroute. You could even deroute a little and head closer to them; privately enjoying their gushing spray as you pass by. The route is covered with a green canopy of trees and grasses making it heavenly to breathe and soak it all in. I’ve got the best of photographs from that place, you should go get yours too!

Tip : Make sure you carry an extra pair of clothes because I forgot mine.

Kalsubai Peak

“ I experienced one of the best night treks on the Kalsubai mountains and also overcame my fear of heights.” – Vishal Jain, 21 years.

Kalsubai Peak is one of the tallest peaks in Maharashtra so it is an ideal spot to summit and see all of the state of Maharashtra around you. It is 160 kms from Mumbai so if you’re driving it should take you around 3 hours to reach the place. It’s full of lush greens with a lot of streams during monsoons. It has a temple at the top and has a magnificent view of the backwaters of Bhandardara. An ideal trekking place for adventure enthusiasts; you can also head to the Bhandardara Dam nearby which often overflows in the monsoons.

Tip : Don’t load your bags with lots of stuff during trekking, making it easy for you to climb. Also, stay hydrated because it is a long way to go!


“Green meadows and waterfalls all around me is the picture perfect sight I remember of my trip to Igatpuri.” – Zahida Khan, 45 years.

Leave the concrete greys of the city as you drive down to Igatpuri; enjoying the greens along the way. It is a hill station located near Nasik district with water so pristine, you can see through it till the ground with an emerald greens reflecting from all the trees around. The best time to visit Igatpuri is during the monsoons; enjoying the pleasant weather in the outdoors. You can even rent a villa and enjoy the rains as you sip on that piping hot cuppa coffee. If you’re driving, it takes approximately 130 kms from Mumbai i.e around 3.5 hours. Don’t be in a rush to reach your destination as you can take a few stops to enjoy all the view points on the way.

Tip : If you’re a Maharashtran food fan, then drive a little ahead to Nashik and munch on the authentic Maharashtran food which you surely won’t find in the city.

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