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6 Ways to Explore Kolkata’s Outdoors

Kolkata, the city of joy, best celebrated for its timeless essence, has much to offer for those seeking to re-connect with nature.  Here’s a list of six of our favourite outdoorsy places to explore this summer.

1. Subhash Sarobar

Subhash Sarobar offers the nature lovers with scenic beauty, 73 acres of lush greenery, a stunning lake, small islands and a perfect share of fish waiting to be caught. It is a perfect destination for nature walks, bird watching and even just merely sitting and observing the magnificence of nature unfold in front of your eyes. Go there to enjoy some time under the sun, breathe in the fresh breeze that flows across the lake and rustles up the trees or even for some quiet fishing time.

2. Bengali New Year Celebration on River Cruise

Set out on a river cruise on the Ganges River while enjoying the festivities of Bengali New Year celebrations on the 15th of April. Throughout the 3-hour voyage, get a taste of Kolkata’s culture and the scenic beauty of the Ganges River while at the same time enjoying Bengali folk music and digging into mouth-watering Bengali delicacies.

Tram Ride in Kolkata

3. The Heritage Kolkata Trams

Travel back in time and enjoy a lazy ride on the heritage Kolkata trams while passing across the picturesque open fields of Maidan. This is perhaps your chance to stop the clock and enjoy a pollution and noise-free ride crossing through the greens in an otherwise busy city.

4. AJC Bose Botanic Garden

The ideal spot for a nature aficionado is the AJC Bose Botanic Garden. Besides being home to the Great Banyan Tree, which has the world’s largest canopy, the garden boasts of having over 12,000 species of plants which includes rare orchids and indigenous plants. Enjoy a boating ride and be overwhelmed with its sprawling greenery abutting the Ganges River.


5 Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary

A bird lover’s paradise, Chintamoni Kar Bird Sanctuary is a protected reserve spreading across a few acres and located right within the city. A treat for wildlife appreciators and photographers, one can find a quick escape from the city in and around nature. Be prepared to witness raw and untamed jungles with thick foliage.

6. Princep Ghat

A historical landmark located on the riverside, Princep Ghat packs all elements of nature’s beauty into one place. Whether it is to enjoy a cozy shikara boat ride on the river or to sit at the banks and feel the mystical river breeze on your face, Princep Ghat is one of the most soothing places in Kolkata. The perfect time to visit is during sunset when you can catch the beautiful Kolkata skyline and enjoy the iconic Palladian porch which is lit up in the evenings.

Just when you thought the city was getting all messed up and congested, Kolkata persuades you to stop and look beyond. So head out this weekend and start observing, start exploring Kolkata’s outdoors.

If you have discovered outdoorsy spaces around your city that you’d like to share with everyone, do write in to Let’s Be Outdoorsy at [email protected] and we’ll showcase your story here.

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