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Kanishka Poddar: My First Brevet 200

I never stopped after my first long distance ride from Bombay to Lonavla. I came back to Ranchi and started doing long distance rides regularly. I would generally do 25-30 kms ride on a weekday and go for longer rides covering 60 kms to 100 kms on weekends.

After a gap of almost two months, I decided to participate in Brevets de Randonneurs Mondiaux “BRM” 200 Kms event in Delhi. Brevets or Randonneur are long distance cycling events organized by Audax Club Parisien (ACP), a French club, who works with other randonneuring organisations worldwide and in India it is represented by Audax India Randonneurs (AIR). Successful completion of BRM event certifies you as a long distance cyclist and it is also a first step if anyone wish to participate in Paris Brest Paris ‘PBP’ 1200 km cycling event which happens every 4 years in France. And I do dream of being a part of PBP in 2019.

Kanishka Poddar first 220 brevet


Every thing seemed like a dream, from my first 20 kms ride in January 2016, to my first BRM 200 km event in August 2016. I have definitely come a long way in last 8 months for even thinking of doing a BRM 200 kms event.

I’ve never been on a road bike earlier but then I decided to ride it in BRM 200. The ride was from Delhi to Panipat and return covering a total distance of 220 km which needed to be completed in less than 13 hr 30 mins. When I reached “The Bike Shop” in Delhi, the owner laughed at me for thinking of doing the BRM on a Road Bike considering I’ve never been on one earlier. But like always, somewhere inside me, I knew I can do it. I wanted to use the Road Bike for BRM event because I had to ride entirely on good paved road and it would also help me with speed.

I rode for 220 kms in 11 hrs 30 min @ 26 km/hr and completed the trail. It was surly an experience I will cherish for lifetime. The first 100 kms was really good but thereafter it was never an easy ride. Major downside was the sun and the heat waves. I was getting dehydrated instantly, my skin got burnt, had really soar bums and back which would make me stop every 7-10 kms. I managed to pull through the next 50-55 kms but when I saw Dhabha’s with Khatiya’s (bed), my body gave up instantly. I ended up taking a 15-20 min power nap haha J The power nap did the wonders, I woke up much fresher and energized and completed the remaining distance at a comfortable pace.

Thanks to my brother and his friends for a lovely evening filled with music, conversations and dance. Nothing can be more relaxing. And then, this trip was special because of the people I met and conversations we had. It is so nice to meet awesome people, who are just like you.


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  • December 8, 2017 at 2:57 pm

    It’s really good that you are following your passion… good luck to you.


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