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6 Natural Air Purifiers To Keep Indoors

You’ve seen plants make for great outdoor landscaping decor. But did you know that plants kept at home can be not just pretty but great for your health too? Greens release oxygen and also bear a unique quality of purifying the air. Here’s a low down of the amazing facts about indoor plants.

Let's Be Outdoorsy - Indoor Plants

NASA’s Research and Study

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) recommends, there are several reasons behind keeping plants indoors; but the most important reason is that plants purify air. Some plants are better than others in purifying air and removing toxins from the room. These plants not only filter the air from gaseous elements like formaldehyde or carbon monoxide but also from dust, building material and paint particles; and keep away moth and toxins too. It has also recommended that placing 15-18 of these plants in an area of every five-hundred square meters will be of great help. In any square meter you will require to keep 3-4 plants; and one in every bedroom will be a good idea too.

You have quite a few options for indoor plants; here are some of the popular and easily available ones.

Aloe Vera – Aloe Vera is majorly know for skin treatments and used in beauty products; but are you aware that it’s also good in treating impure air? It is great for increasing the oxygen level in homes because it absorbs harmful gases like carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and formaldehyde.

Did you know : Nine air purifiers can be replaced with just one Aloe Vera plant in your home?

Ficus – Keeping this plant at home is helpful as it doesn’t need a lot of care; it can be maintained easily. It’s really effective as it keeps the air clean and pure. Important note for you if you have a pet or a small child; keep it at a place that is out of their reach.

Let's Be Outdoorsy - Indoor Plants

Ivy – The common name for this plant is ‘Money Plant’. I have heard people saying, “The more money plant grows, the wealthier house is”. But I have actually potted it at my home for some other reason. And the reason is once placed it in the house, within six hours it will filter fifty-eight percent of feces particles and sixty percent of toxins from the air. Wow! This is truly amazing.

Spider Plant – This plant is able to perform photosynthesis under minimum light. It absorbs toxins like gasoline, styrene, formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air, making it clean and good enough to inhale. Just one of these plants is needed to clean the air in two-hundred square metres.

Snake Plant – This is plant is common and easy to manage; and it also bears the quality of performing photosynthesis with minimum light. Keeping it in the bedroom is more effective as it produces oxygen during night.

Peace Lilies – This is a favourite among house plant enthusiasts and also is one of the top indoor plants for cleaning the air. It helps in breakdown of toxins like formaldehyde and carbon monoxide from the air.

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