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Things To Do When You Don’t Have Time To Workout

Early morning rush hour followed by lots of office work and by the time I reach home there’s no time left to workout. If that’s your day in one sentence we hear you. Did you ever think that you need not do a workout to stay fit? yes that’s possible. Here are some ideas, health hacks you could try.

  1. Pranayam: My favourite pastime break time go to activity is listening to music and I have added a healthy twist to it. I plug-in my earphones, with my favourite songs and do half an hour of Pranayam or Anulom Vilom. These yogic practices help building a strong mind and body strength.
  2. Skipping Rope: Head to the terrace in the early morning with your skipping rope; practice at least 2 sets of 40 series each. Scheduling this as your daily dose for twenty to thirty minutes will turn out to be great a calorie burner.
  3. Household Chores: I used to hate household chores. Once Mom said, “Ghar ka Kaam is not as boring as you think.. try it. Household work will keep you fit as it’s almost equal to an hour-long workout.” You too should try this out. You can head out for grocery shopping, clean the floor or at times wash the dirty dishes too. Let's Be Outdoorsy: Things to do when no time to workout 3
  4. Suryanamaskar: My grandfather still follows his habit of practicing Suryanamaskar and says it’s all in one workout. Start with five series and then gradually you can increase the number. Practicing Suryanamaskar daily will keep you energetic for the whole day.
  5. Gardening / Organic Farming: Once in a week you can do some garden at your local community farm. It is one of the many green workouts you can do. Plant a tree or clean the garden; it sure is a brilliant routine for building a healthy mind.
  6. Together Therapy: You can bring back those good old family days; call your parents and siblings together for a daily dose of laughter therapy. Also you can participate in marathons and cycle races either with family or friends.
  7. Dance: After work once you are back home, you must be spending at least an hour being seated in front of the television yes? Instead, why not follow the beats and enjoy some dance moves? If not for an hour but then at least for thirty minutes. This would be fun.

Let's Be Outdoorsy: Things to do when no time to workout

This was all about when you are at home, but what about while you are in office? Your work-space also can be your secret gym!

  1. Using the Stairs: Let’s start with climbing the stairs. You need not do this every time, just once in a day use the staircase instead of the elevator; even better, to and fro.
  2. Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate: We can’t say this often enough. Keep a copper bottle by your side and try to drink at least 3-4 refills. Also, the more you drink, the more you will visit the washroom; remember every step counts!
  3. Get Off Early: Do you travel by bus or rickshaw to reach office? If yes, than you can get down a stop early and walk; only if you aren’t carrying a heavy laptop bag.
  4. Being Seated: It is very important to avoid sitting in front of the computer for long hours. After every hour or so you could head to another department or step outside for a walk around the office or around the compound. 
  5. Series Exercises: Before starting your work, you can also practice ten series of push-ups; or else just push your chair behind and practice squats; only a square foot is required to perform it. Don’t feel shy; this is for your own benefit.
  6. Workout Meetings: How about meeting your colleague in a nearby park? You can walk while you talk. If you receive a business call instead of being seated at your desk, get up and take a walk while you are talking.
  7. Visit a Cubicle: Sitting at one place for a long time is just not possible for me; so instead of using the landline to update your colleague about important files or programmes, I walk to my colleague’s cubicle to chat about it. You can try this too.
  8. Refreshments: At a friend’s office, they play music during tea time and everyone dances to the music. You can start this at your office too.
  9. Stretching: While you are seated on a chair or working around, just stretch your legs and arms so that it will keep away backache and stiffness. All of these easy tips and tricks will overcome your issues of no time for workout.

We’ve been conditioned to think we need to take out an hour everyday for a workout. If you incorporate these healthy habits in your daily practice, its all you’ll need to stay healthy and happy. Every place is your secret gym, be it at home or at office. If you have more such ideas you personally practice, do share them with us; we’d love to feature them here!


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