Add Green Workouts to your 2017 Fitness Regime – Let's Be Outdoorsy

Add Green Workouts to your 2017 Fitness Regime

This year, are you gonna head back to the gym? The same old, black & white gym routine workout might see you through just a month so how about a change? How about opting for a green workout instead?  Here are some green workouts you could add to your 2017 fitness regime.

Neighbourhood Outdoor Gyms

Let's Be Outdoorsy - Go Green With Your Workout

I have always enjoyed the cool morning breeze, the sweet voice of chirping birds and dew-soaked greens – it made me think, “Why not head out for a jog in the park or on the nearby beach?” I find it way better to run or jog in the outdoors rather than on a treadmill. I tried and loved it more because I met some new people from the neighbourhood, and actually had quite a fun time getting to know them while working out.

You can even try doing a series of exercises using a basketball or a swiss ball in the park. Bench jumps, tree limb pull ups or wheel barrow push ups are super core strengthening exercises. Do not forget the skipping ropes and roller skates. Skipping and skating is one of the best workouts.

I like practising yoga on terrace in the evening; it works like a remedy for any stress I have. I don’t swim yet, so I have planned to join a swimming class. If you are a good swimmer, you can plan for weekly swimming sessions in the nearby pools or better yet check for open water swimming options around you.

Outdoor Workouts walking on grassWalk on Grass – let’s Get lazy in the Outdoors 

When was the last time you walked on fresh grass? Try it, today, walk barefoot on fresh grass; it is extremely calming and relaxing. You could take it a step further and try walking backward on grass – that’s a closely guarded secret for happy feet.

Urban farming is quite a cool new way of spending time in the outdoors. It involves a lot of movement, so makes for a cool green workout too. Even if you have a small balcony space or window grill you can setup a garden there and practice urban farming. It is one of the best relaxing things you can do to be near nature in the city.

Have you heard about laughter clubs? While I was jogging yesterday, I came across an elderly group laughing out loud in the park. They were practising laughter therapy and I joined them just for fun. You should try it too, I found it actually helps in relaxing!

Have you tried an early morning bicycle ride? That’s something I miss doing. It might just remind you of your childhood memories, cycling to school or chasing friends on the bike!

And if you enjoy spending time at the beaches like me, you would love welcoming Suryadevta with yoga and Suryanamaskars on the beach.

Let's Be Outdoorsy - Go Green With Your Workout

Green Gear

Recently, I came across eco-friendly bottles while shopping. I was amazed to see those beautiful glass, copper and earthen bottles. My favourite was a brand called Mitti Cool  which sells earthen bottles. You must visit and check out the products, they are much healthier and eco-friendly as compared to the plastic products. Drinking water using a copper bottle too is good for health, I remember my daadi used to drink water kept overnight in a copper jar. 2017 might be a perfect year to try going back to basics, to our roots.

Bamboo clothing is something you should try too. Soft, breathable and non-plastic; clothes made of bamboo are a new feature I am learning quite a lot about. Gear like this which is made from natural materials is not only good for us but also healthy for the planet. An Indian brand we came across recently – Lavos – has tees and workout pants made of Bamboo. We tried it and really liked it, you could give it a go too.


Wouldn’t it be nice to have greens all around at most times of the day? We surely would love that. LBO is always looking for outdoor friendly gear, fitness alternatives, pro nature events that encourage people to go out, be outdoorsy and care for the earth. If you come across such green finds, we would love for you to share them with us here.

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