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2017 – The Year To Be Outdoorsy

As per Pantone’s colour of the year, 2017 is the year of Greenery. I am happy that the International Colour Institute has made such a proclamation urging everyone to go green. And tell me what better way is there to be green than to be outdoorsy? I urge you to go on a quest and find your kinda outdoorsy. I assure you it will being you to where you truly belong – with nature and make you fall in love with the world all over again.

lets-be-outdoorsyThe Story So Far

November 2014. That’s when I setup LBO. At that time it was a quest to find out what’s my outdoorsy. Right from surf festivals in Orissa and Mahab to Kayaking festivals in Rishikesh and Kozhikode, to a multi-sport event in the mountains of Coorg, the Himalayan MTB races and many more running, cycling events – all through the year 2015 I have written about these, showcased videos of the festivals and also shared coordinates of companies that organise these events for you to connect with in the START NOW section of this website.

Funny thing then that I found my kinda outdoorsy as I got back, right here in the city – edible gardening or urban farming in early 2016. It has brought be a full circle and I am learning to be outdoorsy right here in my city. With practices like composting kitchen waste, using that to feed plants on my terrace and grow edibles like tomatoes, brinjals, herbs and more – I am now getting deeper into the study of permaculture and biomimicry.

A Year for Training Hard

I have also finally chosen my sport in the outdoors – triathlons, with my first super sprint coming up in February 2017. With a few super adventurous souls we have started swimming in the open waters of Mumbai, at Khar-Danda and that sure has raised the bar for being outdoorsy in the city. So this means it is going to be a year full of training – running, swimming and cycling. It’s going to be tough, it’s going to be all worth while.


I have come a long way from simple treks, to mixing with elements beyond land – open water swimming, scuba diving, deep sea diving, kayaking, surfing, sky diving and more – Transitioning now beyond thrill seeking activities to pursuing an active sport – LBO has helped me chart quite a course for the rest of my life goals.

Before LBO, it is almost like I had forgotten my connection with the outdoors and I am glad it is all coming back to me now – just as I tell you about it. It might be just the same with you. Try to remember your outdoorsy memories from your childhood or recent past? I’d love to hear about them over a call or a cuppa. Also check out the outdoorsy events around India for 2017 and go cheer the champions or better yet – strive to become one.

In the past two years, LBO has reached out to over 10,000 beautiful, inspiring people through the website, social media channels and events. It’s not just about me any more. LBO has become so much more, and I can only thank you for that.

Please help LBO to continue being a crowd sourced platform of stories, insights, experiences and events, about the outdoorsy life. Write in to me to be a part of the events team, to work on a campaign, contribute an experience or to simply catch up for a cuppa. 

2017 is the year of being Outdoorsy and I wish you go on a quest and find your kinda outdoorsy. I assure you it will being you a happiness unlike any other and take you where you truly belong – with nature. In 2017, go fall in love with the the outdoors all over again.

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