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Renta your way to the Outdoors

Renta Outdoor Gear Rental Just as the new year was around the corner in December of 2014, Girish and Alisha decided to throw a party. A BBQ party would be nice they thought, so online they went, browsed through a couple of sites but by the time they got to ordering, all the BBQ grill sets were sold out. They dropped the idea but it was then that a brainwave hit. Read on for more about one of the first Outdoor gear rental companies in India.

What’s the Story

With a day job being co-founder for a digital marketing company, Girish and Alisha spent a few hours each day brainstorming on the idea. A team member suggested renting of products. It sounded different, out of the box. Girish Agarwal, a digital buff and an avid trekker got thinking. Been trekking and camping for over 6 years, his interest in the outdoors helped Renta with gear research and that’s how they zeroed in on being an online rental store for outdoor gear – Renta .

Team Renta with equipment

Rent Everything Outdoorsy

Why should I rent, can’t I just buy my outdoor gear? Sure you can, but after you are back from your camp or trek, in most cases, you’ll just see it lying around at home with practically no use. The moment you want to head out for a weekend, won’t it be super if you could just call on Renta to deliver the gear you need, use it for the weekend at your convenience and then have it picked up again by the.

Renting is also a great way to reduce your carbon footprint by reducing the amount of shopping you do every day.

Really, the rise of consumerism today is causing more pollution, increasing the amount of plastic and styrofoam packaging. And unless you are in the mountains every week ( Are you? Damn, I am jealous!) hoarding all that gear is quite pointless, let go a little, share a little.    

You can rent outdoor gear and equipment including tents, sleeping bags and mats, lighting equipment, BBQ grill sets, camping bags, camping furniture and more. If you are a novice and need to know more about the outdoors, they give you information on various camping and trekking spots, as well as the equipment needed.

You can order a product and get it home delivered too. Apart from trekking and camping equipment, they will soon be having equipment for snorkeling, cycling and fishing.

Go Outside

So you are all set with the right outdoor gear but confused where to go? Team Renta to the rescue again. If you see their website, I like how they have gone further out to give you details about trekking routes and camping sites you can choose from around Mumbai city. If you don’t know how to pitch a tent, they will help you learn that too; nice!

Can’t wait to get started then? Log on to the Renta website to order your outdoor gear or call Girish on 9821136450. You can also email them for a query list at [email protected] For Mumbai residents, you can go say hello at their office too.

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