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Getting Fit From Within with Master Trainer Urmi Kothari

Here’s a fitness workshop with a difference. Getting fit from within – that’s what Master Trainer Urmi Kothari’s brand Kinetic Living is about. While you workout with her, you sure will get those washboard abs and a strong core. But most importantly, you will build a strong sense of focus and awareness; that’s the best kind of work out there can be. Looking for such a workout? Read on for a dose of her fitness fundas.

It is said that even being ‘discipline’ is like a muscle. No matter how much you control your cravings, there are times when a sense of fatigue draws close and you tend to give in. When this happens, the strong sense of awareness you build during Urmi’s workouts helps you sail through the low phases. That’s what I experienced best during her workouts.

Urmi Kothari master TrainerUrmi sums it up best when she says,

“I want to challenge you. Not only for your muscular and cardio vascular endurance but also your balance, coordination and space orientation. At the end of the class what you will experience is a heightened sense of  awareness through your breath, body and core.”

About the Master Trainer

Urmi has been an athlete for over 15 years. She was initially an amateur fitness freak who choose to pursue her passion for fitness as a career choice over a corporate career. With a background in sports, martial arts and professional dance along with a wide range of workouts such as Pilates, Kettle bell, weights, Yoga, Calisthenics and Trampoline. Her methods focus on quality of movement and workouts that will make you fit from within instead of just weight loss tactics which are do not have sustainable results.

She is Mumbai’s first certified Nike Elevated Trainer, a certified STOTT Pilates Mat teacher , Certified Kettle bell level 1 & 2 teacher, India’s best kettle bell lifter ( EKFA Championship 2015) and an IFAA Master Trainer (Germany).

The Workshop

WORKSHOP DETAILS (1)The workshop will include both workout and raw food smoothie and treats as well as a short introduction about how participants can mindfully connect more with their body and food in everyday moments. It is a combination of fundamentals and movements from Pilates, Yoga, Calisthenics and includes principles of Martial art in its advance form.

Date: 25th september
Time: 8-9:15 PM
Venue: At the Integral Space, Lower Parel.
Register: [email protected]
Call 9821981258

Apart from a crazy workout, what you will also learn is how to improve your Posture, Flexibility and mobility; all this while you trim your waistline and tone your butt. A workout that will leave you feeling energized as the Kinetic Energy within you gets activated.

Special Treats

Post the workouts, you will be pamper by the most delicious and healthy raw-licious treats by Raw Food Chef Raveena Taurani and her Yogisattva creations. Raveena is a staunch yoga practitioner and passionate about healthy foods. She is forever surrounded by fans of the aptly named cacao bliss balls, raw phad thai, fresh green smoothies and more. It may sound mehh to a fried food fan, but the moment her culinary creations touch your taste buds, you will forget everything else and line up for her food, made with so much love. Go try!

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