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Drink Up a Pint of Health with Juicifix

“1/4th of what you eat keeps you alive and 3/4th of what you eat keeps your doctor alive” – Dr. Andrew Saul.

Did you read that! Ok. I am going to cancel that dinner reservation now. You know, I don’t do unhealthy food. But ever so often, a samosa or a hazelnut moose cake makes it’s way into my tummy! If only healthy food was that easily accessible. Ah, just then I discovered Jucifix! Read on to find out what they are all about.

Juicifix coldpressed juicesTejomay Rastogi and Avrio Rebello launched Jucifix – a cold pressed juices company, almost a year ago in Bombay. Tejomay, having worked in the media industry and Avrio, for an event production company; both became acutely aware of the fact that their crazy work life left them with no easy access to healthy lifestyles. How best to solve this problem? Both have a natural love for fresh fruits and veggies and thought, “Hey, why don’t we set something up in this space?” And then God said, ‘Let there be Juicifix!”

Here are excerpts from an interview with them.

DJ: Juicifix is just what I needed this summer; a good, healthy fix. What’s your vision for the company? 

T & A: Our vision at Juicifix is to make healthy convenient, to provide people with really tasty nutritional juices at affordable costs and do whatever we can to help people in need of health for e.g: cancer patients, diabetics, children and overall people with a busy lifestyle.

“The idea is prevention; take care of your health today rather than pay through your teeth tomorrow.”

DJ: How is Juicifix better/ different from the juices available in the market?

T & A: For starters, we have taken the Indian audience into consideration and so we make really tasty and healthy juices, the Very Veggie for the diabetic or Beet That for those the common vegetarian with  low iron levels.

“We deliver these juices in glass bottles as storing juices in glass is highly recommended, as opposed to plastic that usually ends up as landfill.”

We make Cold-pressed juices that retain to 90% nutrition and if well refrigerated preserves these nutrients with the same amount of freshness for 72 hours, there are no preservatives/additives/added sugars/added flavours, so we make 100% natural and healthy juices with love and deliver these juices with the same love right down to your doorstep.

DJ: Ah #PlasticFree and home delivered! A lot of good karma that is!

T & A: We wake up everyday knowing that we are going to do a good deed, it’s a great feeling to wake up to. At Juicifix we feel most content and that’s what keeps us going.

“Happiness is knowing that someone, somewhere is healthier because we have made the  juice that keeps them healthy.”

Happiness is knowing that the juice we make can make this world a better place, a place of giving. Happiness is understanding that the health quotient in our juice will never be compromised on.

We have our plates full – skin to cleanse, hearts to touch, minds to heal, fat to burn and the fit to just ”Fit in’.  Here’s to good health and heart beats, quicker feet and clearer thoughts, diabetics and cancer patients, to cholesterol and obesity, promote the idea that healthy does not have to be boring. That we can make a change, start small and be the change you want to see.

DJ: Do you believe juice diets work?

T & A: We believe that there is no substitute to exercise; having said that, yes we believe in juice diets if the diet is recommended by a dietitian, with the right amount of nutrients ( fruits/ veggies/ nuts ) & a brisk walk with no caffeine or cigarettes. The ideal thing to do on a cleanse. Giving your digestive system a break is a good thing.

DJ: Ah, we have celebrity dietitian Radhika Karle in the room too! Your thoughts?

Radhika Karle: Fruits are very important in a daily meal plan. They are a natural source of sugars so are best for immediate energy.They provide lots of vitamins and minerals – strawberries, oranges, and kiwis are great sources of vitamin C. And fruits also provide fiber which helps keep your stomach full for longer and aids in digestion.

DJ: Is the cold pressed technique better than other juicing methods?

Radhika Karle: Cold press juices allow vitamins minerals and enzymes to remain intact through the juicing process thus allowing for a much superior product in terms of nutritional content. Juices are a great way to re-hydrate, get instant energy, and Juicifix cold pressed juices have the added advantage of fiber.

We came across a Huffington Post story about the difference between cold pressed technique and Centrifugal Juice Extractors. For all you guys who have to be forced to have their daily dose of fruits, veggies, Juicifix is a good fix. Either way, you know it’s good for you. So go ahead and try it. Have thoughts about this new trend? Or have intel to share about benefits or not, tell us what you think.

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