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Wildcraft Paves The Way For The Great Outdoors

Wildcraft Gear“Adventure means an element of risk. Without that there is no adventure.”

– Dinesh K S, Director Wildcraft

A journey that started from a small company in a garage to what is today a 200+ crore brand; Let’s Be Outdoorsy speaks with the founders of Wildcraft – one of India’s leading Outdoor brands, about their ambition and love for the outdoors. Here are excerpts from the interview.

Wildcraft India
Team Wildcraft (l-r) Dinesh K S, Siddharth Sood, Gaurav Dublish, Simeran Bhasin

What does Wildcraft stand for? 

Wildcraft is a brand born out of a love for the outdoors. Experiencing the outdoors can give you a sense of liberation and freedom unmatched by any other experience. Whether you are trekking, camping or walking a trail, the thrill of the outdoors is invigorating. As a brand, we are seeking to emphasise the fact that being out there can make you come alive, truly alive! One of the key goals of Wildcraft is to enable India’s exploration of the outdoors and be the central source of inspiration for Indians looking to experience the outdoors.

Do you think Indians are outdoorsy enough? 

Traditionally, outdoor experiences in India have been centred on pilgrimages, vacations in exotic places and five-star experiences, while trekking, camping or any other outdoor activities were not as prevalent as they are globally.

“Is it a combination of our work culture or lifestyle? Both, perhaps. But in our experience, we feel while there are a lot of Indians who wish to experience the outdoors, they do not know where to look for information or appropriate gear.”

This is where we see it as our responsibility to not only equip but also inform, educate and enable people to discover the outdoors.

Wildcraft GearYour message to the outdoorsy Indian?

“The only way to know if something is your cup of tea is to try it.We believe an outdoor experience can truly refresh your senses and make you feel alive.”

It is our endeavour to inspire and enable Indians to get out there and experience the beauty of the outdoors. There are a host of incredible and untapped locations to explore and the experience promises to be fulfilling and enriching.

“Just make sure you go in with an open mind and this tends to be ignored but is essential, the appropriate gear.”

Are you looking at exploring international markets?

Yes, we fully intend to expand our reach to international markets and compete with the best brands globally. Currently, Wildcraft sources technologically advanced, best-in-class materials from international vendors constantly raising the bar of material science. Combined with our state-of-the-art design and construction technique, this means we leave no stone unturned to ensure our products meet the highest quality standards. Our endeavour is to be recognized as a performance-driven head-to-toe outfitter, globally.

Rodhas 65 Trekking Bag
Rodhas 65 Trekking Bag

We are passionate about encouraging Indian brands in the domestic and International space and when a brand like Wildcraft emphasises on the importance of research and technology in the product development phase of a brand’s design; it makes me quite happy. Following this story we will share with you the top of the line collection of rucksacks, trekking boots, winter wear jackets and wind breaker jackets that Wildcraft has to offer for the outdoorsy Indian. If you have questions and feedback that you would like to share with the team do post a comment here or send me a mail at [email protected] and we can strike a dialogue.

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