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Music, Travel and Stories

Music Travel Stories Event at Blue Frog It’s been a long day at work and all you crave for now is some beautiful music, a space to unwind. As much as your body has been subjected to the stress of the day your mind craves for a sense of calm, stillness. Head to Some Place Else for just that.

What? And where is that you might ask? As much as I share with you about the importance of keeping fit in the outdoors; most of us city folk with our super fast, super stressed lives get barely a breather for our mind to just… breathe. So as much as you managed to squeeze in an hour long run into your busy schedule, have you given your mind the space to relax, rewind?

But that’s not something I have time for! I hear you, and the lovely team at Some Place Else hears you too; that’s why they bring to the city this week:

Travel Stories at Gypsy Night | Blue Frog
A young company that curates refreshing travel experiences, Some Place Else is bringing the world to you through a first in this series of Travel Stories at Gypsy Nights. This segment is to talk about the wonderful experience of travelling for the love of music.
What’s in it for You
We travel in search of something beautiful and while doing that, we sometimes chance upon local, soul-stirring music that represents the culture of the destination. That is a gem of a discovery. So you can unwind over eclectic music and listen in to some quirky music inspired travel stories; feast your eyes on some inspiring short films about how some travellers discovered local sounds while on their journey.
Date: 28.1.2015
Venue: Blue Frog, Lower Parel, Mumbai
Time: 8.00 pm
                 +91 91675 37903

 SPE Launched in April, 2014 Some Place Else is a company that encourages you to get out of your cubicled life; they curate off-beat travel experiences at quaint places to stay and indulge you in activities like camping by the beach, a cultural weekend in a restored haveli and white water rafting in the monsoon. And if you are looking for something to do over weekends besides movies and dinners; the team at Some Place Else will cook up something fab for you.

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