Adventure Tourism Conclave 2015 – Let's Be Outdoorsy

Adventure Tourism Conclave 2015

adventure Tourism Conclave by Fitrangi

You want to be outdoorsy but you don’t know where to begin or who to ask how? This might just be your lucky day. I am heading to what is touted as the first ever Adventure Tourism Conclave in India; you might want to check it out.

The  7th of January 2015 will see more than 600 delegates, 25 stalls and a gamut of industry experts and government representatives as speakers during the conclave. I expect to hear about trends in the industry, provisions for infrastructure and sustainable growth in building awareness and participation about the outdoors.

“The event will focus on discussing ways to promote adventure tourism in Maharashtra. we are highlighting the state as a destination for adventure tourism.” shares Jayesh Morvankar, founder of Odati Adventures and a speaker at the conclave. When asked about the relevance of such a platform he said, “While there are a lot of participants, organisers of adventure tourism activities in India and Maharashtra there is no single platform where all the bodies have come together to exchange ideas.”

This event might just be the right fix.

Some of the speakers include head of ATOAI, The Outdoor Journal (India’s only adventure magazine) editor Apoorva Prasad, Himalayan Mountaineering Institute among others.

Even though the scope for outdoor sports and adventure tourism in India is huge, professionals in the industry have not been able to attract enough interest over the last few years. So the idea behind the conclave is to connect and promote safe and healthy adventure sports in India while  exploring new avenues. It is being organised by Fitrangi, a platform promoting adventure.

“Such an event will help build curiosity about the outdoors and get people to explore active holidays instead of their staple diet of leisure itineraries.”   

It is a beginning of change in the Indian outdoor industry and it will take time for us to reach the potential that international outdoor expos like ISPO for example. Yet if you go through the list of topics being covered it seems really well planned. Here’s a glimpse of all that they plan to cover.

Safety and Security

Adventure is all about the unknown which is why safety and security play a much more vital role in this industry. Industry experts and tour operators will cover this angle.

Passion versus Business

So you started a community of adventure enthusiasts out of your own passion for outdoor sports and gradually this turned into a company. But where is the money? Ah that classic entrepreneurial catch 22 situation – balancing between your passion and making it a profitable business. a lesson in practical application this one will be.

Use of Technology

Innovation in gear, the mechanics of marketing your enterprise through digital marketing; this one will give you snippets about how adventure enthusiasts and companies can gain from being tech savvy.

Sustainability and Best Practices

A showcase sustainable practiced followed by international bodies and a tet-a-tet with what the government has in-store with regards infrastructure and innovations.

It sure will be a day of being outdoorsy and I am looking forward to the event and also sharing a post event review.

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