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The Ultimate Outdoor Gear Expo

ISPO Outdoor Gear Expo, MunichA kid in the candy store and me at ISPO – is pretty much the same thing. From the latest gear in hiking, to the best brands in running; covering a gamut of sports, fitness, health and outdoor products and services; this was my Disney Land.

I worship the passion with which brands like The North Face and Patagonia invest in the R&D for all new products they develop. Their focus on sustainability balanced with the constant need for providing market competent gear be it jackets, backpacks or accessories is something I wish most brands would ape. Having said that, the number of participants at such an expo is awe inspiring to an outdoor enthusiast; to say the least.

While working with Prrem’s, a retail brand for travel and outdoor gear my visit to ISPO was a part of our annual networking and sourcing initiative. I am yet to come across a platform so complete with not just a showcase of products but also forums showcasing the latest trends and technology. If that was not enough the heavy focus on being environmentally conscious and making products that are sustainable was astounding.


There is a thesis I could write about all I learnt at the expo and I will share that here soon.

Get a lowdown of all in store at the upcoming ISPO 2015


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