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India Surf Festival

2015 is the best year to be outdoorsy! Why you ask? Well, there are so many long weekends to head out for. And to top that up, the forces are bringing together a host of fabulous outdoorsy festivals too. Take the India Surf Festival for example. What started off just a few years ago has now become a fantastic yearly trip for all you outdoorsy folk out there. Want to know more? Excerpts from a chat with founder Sanjay Samantaray and his team:

India Surf FestivalA Surf Festival in India? What inspired this?

Sanjay Samantray: I am wildly enthusiastic about the adventure spirit in India. I have always encouraged that; my focus has been especially the surf culture in India. I saw the potential in the beaches and waves of Puri where a few surfers would hang around and take spins regularly.

Bringing together artists, surfers and musicians coming together to create something beautiful and rich and all that while showcasing the awesomeness that is surfing – that was a dream I pursued. A team of of art directors, artists and surfers put their heads together, chalked out few plans and here we are at the 4th edition of India Surf Festival!

Wow! Should we look forward to both Indian and International surfers then?

This year India Surf Festival brings together more than 60 surfers and 2000 visitors from more than 15 countries. Notably, the SUP Cup is India’s biggest Stand Up Paddle (SUP) competition.  So, yes, you will be seeing a lot of international surfers at their best.

*Swoons at all those hot bodies*

Alright, seriously; it’s tough work I know. Beyond all the fun, tell me how does surfing make you physically and mentally fit?

It’s more  than fun. For us, its spiritual. Surfing is such a great activity which satisfies you both mentally and physically. You not only develop a strong body but also great balance and posture. Its a common fact that no one has gone back from the ocean depressed. The sea heals everything, clears your mind, gives you perspective. And with surfing you see the ocean in a completely different way, in a way no other activity can show you. It reminds you of its sheer massiveness, beauty and strength. And when you are able to master its waves, its like the ocean has transferred its strength to you. The feeling is amazing.


I say aye to that! So who am I going to see at the Orissa this week? Yes, yay I am going too! Let’s catch up over those gorgeous surfs shall we?

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