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Being Outdoorsy in the City

It’s been a couple of weeks now that I have not been religiously tracking my workouts on a tracking app – I was using Endomodo religiously this year to record my running. But every time I feel that if I carry it with me I am constantly conscious of the amount of time I am taking per kilometer, you know the fact that it is tracking, the fact that as soon as I finish it will post my activity on social media and the stress of people seeing that I have done maybe not enough or not as much as I think I should have done so I said, “Forget it , I’ll stop tracking it.” I just went ahead and did it.

Another beautiful thing that has been happening in the month of November is that I have gone beyond just running, I have done a lot of swimming. So I have progressed from a mere 20 laps which is around 700m to a good 35-40laps which is 1.25kms within an hour; a decent improvement as well as have purchased a geared cycle so have been cycling regularly which means that there is not just one form of cardio happening. Also yoga is always on so there is a lot of strength training and flexibility happening and in that the most beautiful achievement is headstands. I’ve managed to do head stands on my own and in very smooth transitions step by step, so that is something that I am really proud of. So combining all these four forms  i.e running, cycling, swimming and yoga is a decent overall workout. The only issue is that I need to do more – I need to do three times more than what I am actually doing right now.

The point of this post was that since I have not been regularly tracking it all this while and have got comfortable not tracking it, now I need to get out of that comfort zone so I am going to start tracking it again. But maybe figure out a way to put it on mute so that I don’t have to listen to the progression over every kilometer.

Another reason why  need to start tracking it and sharing it again is because each time I did that a lot of people keep a track of my work out notifications. Especially those who probably want to get fit but have been procrastinating and each time they see it and they start doing it themselves, they get inspired and begin doing it themselves. I have to register that an idea may stem from me as the source, I may be simply sharing my outdoorsy activities and fitness goals but let the idea – the thought of being outdoorsy is much bigger than that; go beyond just me, takes an identity of its own – just the kind of movement I want to kick start with Let’s Be Outdoorsy.

2 thoughts on “Being Outdoorsy in the City

  • December 3, 2014 at 1:17 pm

    Endomondo’s audio coach has some options to mute/unmute some stuff. You can even shut it up altogether.

    • December 19, 2014 at 7:25 am

      Ah yes, indeed you can. It is too tough a call to make to switch it off entirely. At the end of it, apps are an aid to improve my form and technique so I chose to stop using it for a while. Back to using it regularly now, will keep the audio coach on for now 🙂


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