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November 2014. That’s when I setup LBO. At that time it was a quest to find out what’s my outdoorsy. Being a city kid, it’s tough to be intuitive about the outdoors; something that I’ve always yearned for. So I went out there, explored India and covered all the outdoor sporting festivals across the country.

Right from surf festivals in Orissa and Mahab to Kayaking festivals in Rishikesh and Kozhikode, to a multi-sport event in the mountains of Coorg, the Himalayan MTB races and many running, cycling events – all through the year 2015 I have written about these, showcased videos of the festivals and also shared coordinates of companies that organise these events for you to connect with.

Funny thing then that I found my kinda outdoorsy as I got back, right here in the city – edible gardening or urban farming in early 2016. It has brought be a full circle and I am learning to be outdoorsy right here in my city. With practices like composting kitchen waste, using that to feed plants on my terrace and grow edibles like tomatoes, brinjals, herbs and more – I am now getting deeper into the study of permaculture and biomimicry.

I have also finally chosen my sport in the outdoors – triathlons, with my first super sprint coming up in February 2017.  2017 is the year of Greenery and I urge you to go on a quest and find your kinda outdoorsy. I assure you it will being you to where you truly belong – with nature and make you fall in love with the world all over again.

Setting up LBO also brings back many childhood memories. I remember as a kid, my grandfather took us to Ganeshpuri and we trekked through a thick forest. There were gorgeous trees, at time I was a kid right, so I remember them as these huge tall trees with the most potent rain soaked smell. I was awe struck walking ahead on that soft spongy soil with my head craning up towards the sky searching for the tip of those trees. I could have taken flight right there, with the butterflies and disappear into the woods. It was gorgeous. It was beautiful. It was the outdoors.

So you see there is so much to the outdoors. From leisure activities like outdoor picnics, camping and gardening to more active things. Its not just walking on a trek in the outdoors, it is running trails in the outdoors or it is cycling or snorkeling, swimming. Did you know a 45 mins snorkeling session burns up to 800 calories as opposed to a measly 200 calories on a 20 mins treadmill session? I am fascinated with the idea of cycling from Bombay to Goa, something I hope to be apart of in early 2017.

I’ve been quite outdoorsy as a child and I want to get back to it for the rest of my life. I want to extend this way of living of being fit via being outdoorsy to everybody around. Humans are meant to be outdoorsy, we are not meant to be sedentary so how about we get out of our cubicles and Let’s Be Outdoorsy?

Over the past few years I have met some of the most beautiful people all of whom seem to be either working or personally involved in some form of outdoor activity be it for work or for their passions. Interactions with them have taught me so much and those insights are something that I’d like shared on this platform.

A lot of resources, information collected over time about people who facilitate this process. Be it healers, trainers, anybody who provides a service, infrastructure for outdoor training and fitness, a product to facilitate this process to something as unique as homemade energy bars as refueling options as opposed to sugar high drinks. All with the core value that you do not need too much to be outdoorsy, you can do with little. Just like the book “Born to Run’ inspires you to run barefoot, it clearly says that humans do not need to have the latest technologies to help facilitate running, all they need is their feet.

The logic is simple – go outdoors – get fit – let’s be outdoorsy.

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