About – Let's Be Outdoorsy


What’s your outdoorsy? Have you ever set out on a quest to find out?

As kids we played amidst the trees, danced about in the rains. We spent hours in the outdoors with absolutely no agenda. As an adult have you done that lately? Let’s Be Outdoorsy is your connection back with the outdoors. Our stories and events bring you closer to nature.

Let’s Be Outdoorsy was founded by Diipti Jhangiani back in November 2014. She enjoys hiking and gardening as her kinda outdoorsy and would someday like to be called a triathlete. She is working towards that goal now.

What you will experience while you are on this site is a candid connection with nature through all the different outdoor activities we showcase. Right from a simple outdoor picnic where all you have to do is laze on the fresh dewy grass, to nature trails, gardening, mountain trail biking and kayaking – we showcase stories that inspire you to spend more of your time in the great outdoors.

So go on and start your journey and share your stories with us too!